Welding services and metal sandblasting

Welding is a fabrication process utilized to join metals or thermoplastics. It uses high heat to melt the parts together, causing fusion. In Recomedic we provide welding services, relying on the experience of certified welders. We manufacture welded parts of different weights. On customer request, we can also realize penetration and ultrasound surface protection involving sandblasting and painting according to specifications. Due to the experience gained in the rehabilitation field, we are prepared to serve other equally demanding industries, where quality of machining and assembling are the first requirements when considering a new supplier. In Recomedic we can weld all kinds of parts and structures in a flexible and economical way.

Welding and sandblasting – technologies

In order to provide welding services, Recomedic applies a variety of modern technologies. We use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software solutions to simplify and improve the results of our work. By collaborating with experienced engineers and operators we are capable of meeting the demands of increasingly challenging applications. Due to the use of highly advanced methods, Recomedic is able to create solutions most optimal for the client.

The Application of welding techniques

Welding is used to create various items. Our services are mostly applied to manufacture medical equipment, rehabilitation apparatus, as well as wheelchair parts and accessories.

Where do we provide welding services?

Recomedic provides high quality welding services all over Europe. We mostly collaborate with medical facilities – hospitals, clinics, health centers, hospices, rehabilitation centers – from:

How do we provide welding services?

In Recomedic we provide welding services based on contract manufacturing agreement, following the arrangements typical for this type of business model.

Welding services and metal sandblasting for medical devices at Recomedic

Recomedic is a renowned medical equipment manufacturer and service supplier. We offer custom-made parts produced according to the specifications provided by the client. We are meticulous and always ready to provide the customer with advice, as well as answer all of their production and service-related questions. Thanks to our professional experience, we are able to support our clients from the beginning by finding the optimal and most economical plan for their projects. Whether we provide service, singular components or complete products, our goal is to offer personalized solutions, designed to best suit the individual needs of the client. Aside from welding we provide other services, such as surface treatment (e.g. sandblasting metal), polishing, grinding, lapping, honing, heat treatments and laser labeling.

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