Wheelchair accessories available in Recomedic

High quality wheelchair accessories can enhance comfort and convenience of the wheelchair, making it much more functional and leading to a significant improvement regarding the user’s overall experience. The Recomedic’s catalogue consists wheelchair accessories such as:

as well as rims, hubs, QRA axles and axle adapters, distance tubes, and tube covers.

How does Recomedic ensure the high quality of wheelchair accessories?

Recomedic ensures the high quality and extreme resilience of their products by using advanced manufacturing techniques, such as:

Advantages of Recomedic wheelchair accessories

Recomedic wheelchair accessories help adjust the wheelchair and make it meet the individual needs of the user. They can significantly enhance the mobility of disabled people and improve their general safety, by offering more support and reducing the risk of falling and sustaining an injury. Due to the use of high-end wheelchair accessories manufactured by Recomedic, the wheelchair users can regain control over their life and be more independent. It leads to a bigger social inclusion and is beneficial to the mental health of people with disabilities.


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