Medical components assembly

Recomedic provides high quality, ready to use assembly groups that can simplify and accelerate manufacturing of products. We specialise in medical device assembly. We produce the components, assemble the modules, check their functioning, and deliver them to the client on time. All medical components assembly groups available in the Recomedic’s offer are customised in order to comply with the parts lists and relevant installation requirements. By choosing to outsource the medical products assembly processes our clients can reduce both their own risk and their coordination costs and efforts, which allows them to concentrate fully on their core business. Assembling services are provided by Recomedic based on a contract manufacturing agreement. As a company we strictly follow the arrangements typical for this business model.

Applications in medical products assembling

Medical products assembly services can be applied to a wide range of devices, including:

Why is it worth choosing medical device assembling services from Recomedic?

By choosing assembly services offered by Recomedic, it is possible to effectively reduce time and effort, increase productivity and efficiency of the operations, as well as ensure the quality and accuracy of the end product. Our company has more than 25 years of experience delivering exceptional products and services. We specialise in personalised solutions and offer support by finding the most optimal and economical plans for our clients’ projects. While doing so, we comply with strict regulations and standards applicable in the field of medical devices, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which allows us to provide only the best quality of services. In Recomedic we always push the limits of our creativity in order to meet the demands of increasingly challenging applications and deliver the most unique, inventive solutions possible.

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