Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting technology uses high-powered laser beams to slice different types of metals with great speed and precision. The beam is directed towards the surface of the material in order to melt or evaporate it to create a clean, definite cut. Laser cutting technology is used to cut metals such as steel, titanium, brass, copper and aluminium.

Metal laser cutting services – advantages

It has revolutionised the manufacturing industry, offering many advantages, such as:

Laser cutting is currently a main manufacturing method for both low and mid-volume components.

The application of metal laser cutting services in the medical field

Metal laser cutting is implemented in the manufacturing process of medical equipment. It is used in the development of such tools as hypodermic needles, hypo tubes, stents, cannulas, and shaver blades, as well as medical and dental implants, implantable medical devices, and various surgical equipment, mainly catheters, endoscopes, and laparoscopes. Metal laser cutting technology enables creation of high quality customised medical equipment which matches both clinical demands and individual needs of the patient. It helps increase the capacity of health care providers and shorten the waiting times, which greatly affects the patients’ quality of life.

Why is it worth using laser cutting services provided by Recomedic?

Recomedic offers high quality CNC metal laser cutting services. The company has more than 25 years of experience and it complies with strict regulations and standards applicable in the field of medical equipment. Recomedic offers support and the most optimal, personalised solutions and is always ready to push the limits of creativity in the name of future development.

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