CNC milling services

Milling is a manufacturing process that uses a cutting tool mounted on a rotating spindle. It allows selective removal of material from a block of raw substrate. In CNC milling the workpiece is fitted to a table which moves and rotates on different planes, allowing the tool to work at various angles.

Milling services – advantages

This manufacturing process offers:

The application of CNC milling services in the medical field

CNC milling services make it possible to manufacture medical equipment from a vast variety of materials – surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, polypropylene, and polyethylene. They also allow making parts to exceptionally tight tolerances and enable better adjustment of medical equipment, by ensuring that small parts fit together accurately and function as intended. Precision milling led to minimisation of devices. It also provided designers with the ability to create personalised appliances. In short, the application of CNC milling services in the medical field enables the production of very precise devices that can answer individual needs of a user, greatly improving their quality of life.

The importance of milled parts for the quality of medical equipment

Milling provides precise and smooth surfaces, which makes it a great technique for manufacturing critical components. Milled parts play an important role in the process of adjusting medical equipment to the individual needs of the user. They improve the safety of medical devices and can affect mobility of the disabled patients, allowing them to be more independent.

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