Metal bending services

Metal bending is a process that consists of deforming metal by applying force to it. The workpiece is positioned over the die block which is later pressed to form a shape. As a result the metal is bent at an angle and forms a ‘V’ or a ‘U’ shape.

The application of bending in the medical industry

Bending is commonly used in the medical industry. It is mostly applied in the manufacturing process of such appliances, as:

The importance of bending in the medical industry

Metal bending allows the creation of very accurate bends. It is fast and enables the production of big quantities of components in a short period of time. With the use of bending, it is possible to make a workpiece from one piece of material, which removes the need for joints and in turn reduces time, errors, complexity, and failure points. Bending is advantageous for every step in the supply chain, as it reduces weight of the medical components, without compromising their strength and durability. This method of metal processing is also extremely cost-effective and can lower the cost of medical equipment.

Why is it worth using metal bending services offered by Recomedic?

Recomedic has more than 25 years of experience delivering remarkable bending services. The company’s goal is to offer personalised solutions for the customers by finding the most optimal and economical plans for their projects. All the bending parts are manufactured by experienced professionals using premium quality raw material and innovative technology in sync with the industry quality standards. Their quality is maintained by rigorous testing of several parameters. All technical options regarding component development and production are available.

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