Medical electronics assembly

Recomedic offers their services in different fields of electro assembling. We assemble, test, pack, and deliver complete products to the customers’ doorsteps. Our company’s electromechanical department produces different types of semi-assembled and finished equipment. The assembling process is being carried out by highly qualified staff and is complemented by functional testing of the finished products. It allows us to provide our customers with holistic electromechanical medical and drug delivery devices that meet user standards and are known to operate safely and consistently.

The application of medical electronics assembly

Electro assembling is applied in all assemblies which consist of electrical and mechanical components or in subassemblies that work together for a specific function. It may vary depending on the application of the final product. Recomedic’s medical electronics assembly services can be applied in such devices, as:

Why choose medical electronics assembly services from Recomedic?

Recomedic has more than 25 years of experience delivering exceptional products and services. We provide medical electronics assembly services based on contract manufacturing agreement, while strictly following the arrangements typical for this business model. In order to provide clients with the best quality of work, we comply with strict regulations and standards applicable in the field of medical devices. Our goal is to offer personalised solutions and support our customers by finding the most optimal plans for their projects, which is why we always push the limits of creativity to deliver the most unique, inventive solutions.

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