Movements stopper
with positioning lock

Left and right version

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Technical information

Mechanism allows smooth adjustment of added componentry' positioning, regarding piston's movement.

The user can block the pitch in any position. The block release can be done e.g. by using Bowden's tie-rod.

Examples of use: back seat adjustment in chairs, wheelchairs, beds, leg support, head support, counters.

There is a possibility to use with gas springs and springs.

Nominal pitch: 116 +/- 2mm

Nominal load: 10-130kg

Damaging load: 200kg

Force needs to be used to release lock: 3kg Surface finish: chrome

Product can be used only inside. Do not expose to high humidity.

Technical drawing

Technical drawing 1
Lever releasing the lock
Technical drawing 2
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3D Model

Left version

Right version

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